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Continental Cement & Materials is providing the commodities to help with building the foundations for a better tomorrow.  We provide the highest quality cement exceeding industry standards worldwide.  Secured Standards: ASTM & AASHTO according to USA requirements, EC Certificate according to European requirements, and AFNOR according to France requirements.

Continental Cement & Materials was founded by Sandy and Mert "Bubba" Mills who have both spent over 35 years in the Heavy Equipment and Construction Industry. He has a wealth of knowledge, understanding clients who have been frustrated with high cost, unrealized shipping deadlines, and the ability to easily obtain the necessary product.

After starting and building Mills Equipment into a multi-million dollar family business; he has had a significant part in developing several other successful companies. However, after continuously hearing his clients repeated frustrations with obstacles of obtaining high quality cement at a fair price; he decide to commit himself to helping others achieve their goals, giving them an opportunity to build foundations for a better future. 

We understand for you to deliver to your client excellence; you need to partner with a company you can rely upon now and in the future without any obstacles.

In addition to sourcing cement which meets or exceeds the highest industry standard, Continental Cement & Materials has secured strategic ports for a simplified delivery as well as completely vetting reputable shipping to assure timely arrival of each clients' product.

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Continental Cement & Materials has built relationships with multiple partners in each of these vital areas assuring the ability to deliver high-quality products on time at a significant savings for our clients.  We have secured global relationships with several of the world's leading suppliers of raw cement materials, and have the ability to provide cement in both bulk or super sacked as needed by our customers.

Continental Cement & Materials has vetted and secured reputable shipping companies which have locked in the necessary pricing to distribute the commodities to the various ports, and have built strategic relationships giving the ability to store and distribute each commodity as needed.

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