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"Building the Foundations for a better tomorrow"

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Continental Cement & Materials prides itself on being the ultimate cement partner, committed to excellence and dedicated to providing unparalleled value and satisfaction to each client in the construction industry.  In today's economy; value, reliability and expedience is of the upmost importance, and Continental Materials has developed a unique logistical opportunity to leverage these key features for each of our clients.

Our clients choose us for the exceptional speed and quality of our work, as well as our unwavering commitment to their utmost satisfaction.  We understand that each client has unique requirements, and we go above and beyond their specific needs.  Rest assured, all our products are certified in accordance with the regulations and standards of each country. Furthermore, to ensure reliability, our products undergo rigorous verification by SGS Inspector Survey Company.

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Sandy and Mert "Bubba" Mills have put together a team of industry experts which bring a wealth of resources to Continental Cement & Materials. Too often, sourcing companies try to be everything to everyone and lose focus on what is important. Continental Cement & Materials keeps everything simple using old school principles with today's technology.

Today, our clients are in desperate need of high-quality Type I Cement. They expect to receive it on time and have the ability to pick it up or have it delivered without cutting through the red tape. In addition, clients should not be charged an inflated price due to interference of government or other's culpability and inefficiencies.

Continental Cement & Materials keeps the process very simple delivering superior quality at bulk-rate pricing.

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We take great pride in our esteemed clientele, which includes global construction companies, regional wholesalers, re-exporters, grinding mills, and manufacturers. Partner with us and experience unmatched reliability, impeccable quality, and seamless service that will propel your projects to new heights of success.

Our clients receive key benefits:

  • Continental Cement & Materials has used its global partnerships to source the highest quality cement at bulk-rate pricing giving us the resources to pass massive savings to the end user.

  • Continental Cement & Materials has vetted multiple reliable shipping companies who can meet the delivery expectation at a reasonable price on a consistent schedule.

  • Continental Cement & Materials has partnered with local ports armed with the necessary means to hold, secure and distribute each product to our clients on time.

  • Continental Cement & Materials has carved out a boutique niche of the market and services each client on an intimate personal level bringing unprecedented satisfaction and security of comfort.

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